1. "What more can I say than that I have fallen in love with working out because of your bootcamp!!! Never in my life have I stayed commited to a any kind of work out plan. I love your bootcamp, the energy, the way my body has changed, and the new clothes size!! Thank You Meleah!"

    Tobi W.
  2. " I am loving boot camp and so thankful I see results in week 2. Since my youngest was born almost 5 years ago I have fought to shed her leftovers! I have seen a dietician and worked with another trainer and supplemented my running schedule with, spin classes, insanity, p90x, some cross fit stuff I could do on my own and it all left me with minuscule results and a lot of frustration. I have to wear a belt now and clothes are definitely looser!"

    Bronwyn S.
  3. "I could never get the kind of workout going to the gym or on my own than I do at Bootcamp. The workouts are not only intense but also fun. Meleah is consistently switching up the routines so it's not the least bit repetitive!"

    Lacey F.
  4. "I love the workouts. I was tired of gym workouts by myself. I love the variety and the excitement of not knowing what the workout will be. I am very happy my wife told me about Meleah."

    Chris A.
  5. "The workouts are always different, definitely fun, challenging and self-paced, they really are for any fitness level. Meleah is such a positive leader and motivating role model. The other "boot-campers" make it fun and bring out the competitive side. I've loved the results I've achieved from going to this bootcamp. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to look and feel better about themselves."

    Tammi V.
  6. "I LOVE this bootcamp! I have been doing bootcamp for about 8 years and my trainer recently quit. I tried several other early morning bootcamps before joining Meleah's and was so disappointed. I love how fun and varied the workouts are and how enthusiastic Meleah is!"

    Kathryn R.
  7. "We recently got engaged and we decided to take some bootcamp classes to better our image for the big day. We chose Meleah due to her passion for what she does. I have known her personally for many years and she has always been passionate about health and fitness. I was skeptical in the beginning of my ability to be motivated on going to class and enjoying bootcamp. We are halfway through our second month of classes and I can't imagine NOT going. It is a great stress reliever in the middle of wedding planning!! We also just took our second agility test and after seeing the improvement we have both made we will for sure be attending many more months of bootcamp with Sculpt My Body Fitness and Meleah!!!"

    Jacky W.
  8. "I have tried many different workouts including P90X, Insanity and crossfit classes over the past 2 years. To-date, I have never experienced a bootcamp that tested me like Meleah's. It's never the same and it keeps my body guessing all the time. Meleah is always changing up the routines to ultimately tweak every muscle in your body. It's refreshing to find someone that is passionate about what she does. I love it and look forward to every challenging workout."

    Wes W.
  9. "Meleah's classes are awesome and this is coming from another fitness professional. Why else would I get my a** out of bed at 4:45 am 3 days a week! Come on out and give it a try, you'll be hooked!"

    Jill L.
  10. "I have been attending Body Bootcamp with Meleah for 11weeks now. I have achieved great fitness results during this time. I am stronger, leaner, more muscular and I feel great. I can't tell you enough how great these bootcamps are. If you want to transform your body and get real results Meleah will get you there. The workouts are never the same and never boring. Yes, they are challenging but you would not believe what your body can do if you just push yourself. I have never been a morning person but now I look forward to getting up early and working out. It is also such a great feeling to get your workout done early and not have to worry about it for the rest of the day. Meleah is an awesome trainer and very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. I can't wait to see what the next 11 weeks have in store!"

    Carla B.
  11. "Anyone out there needing/wanting to get in shape? There's an awesome bootcamp at River Place Elem (also some in CP). Seriously this bootcamp is great! I've been doing it for 5 weeks now and I am starting to finally get abs and my legs toned just like I've always wanted. I've seen better results in 5 weeks than I did going to Body Pump forever!"

    Laura D.
  12. "I loved this mornings workout! High energy and quick stations, seemed like time flew by. Thanks for all you do."

    Jessica G.
  13. "Best Bootcamp class I've ever attended, and I've gone to a lot! I love my early Morning bootcamp workouts!"

    Tammi V.
  14. "Tough workout this morning - it was a good one! I have really loved bootcamp! I will keep telling more people about it!"

  15. "I am now 30 pounds to my goal. I quit losing weight a few weeks ago and so this morning, I went on my first run. I love your FB page, so keep up the inspiration!"

  16. "Andrea, a friend of mine, tried the class today - so excited for her...and Cara another mom that I know recommened you to me. I have some baby weight I need to get off as I want to get into some cute cute jeans this fall So keep up the good work! Thanks for posting all the great information too!"

  17. "My husband said he had not worked that hard since he was 20. Hopefully someday I can join him!!! Thanks Meleah!!!"

  18. "I really enjoyed the workout this morning. Thank you for kicking my butt, that is exactly the kind of workout I was looking for. I look forward to continued training. Thank you."

  19. "I love your class and I am in for the long haul!"

  20. "I just wanted to tell you what a great time I had this morning! It was a great workout and I'm looking forward to tomorrow!"

  21. "Today's class was Tough! I'm really enjoying it and so glad I found out about this!"

  22. "I'm sure you've been told this a thousand times; you give a terrific boot camp. I've actually done others in the past and I love the fun and variety you add to your workouts."

  23. "Thanks for being such a great motivator and instructor! Your bootcamps have taken my fitness to the next level and have literally changed my life!"

  24. "The trainer that I have worked with for the past eight summers no longer has bootcamps. I joined another group this past summer and it was SO BORING! I love your bootcamp! It really is fun and a great workout!!!"

  25. "In fact, just so you know, Chris and I both love going to your class. Chris has said he can tell he's losing weight and I can tell that I'm losing too!"

  26. "Since I've started bootcamp, I've lost 5 lbs and my clothes are too big in my waist now!"

  27. "You're doing a great job at keeping my body guessing. You have tested me more than anyone to date. Thank you!"

  28. "I loved your classes. Always challenging."

  29. "I meant to tell you the other day that I was shopping for jeans and I tried on a size I have never been able to try on before! It made shopping for jeans so much more fun! My 5'91/2 frame has always been in 30 or above. I tried on a 28 the other day. I almost hugged the retail clerk!"

  30. "All the guys at the deer lease were asking me what I was doing. Said I looked like I'd lost 20 lbs. I told them 'Bootcamp, baby...it's a b*tch you learn to love."