Shakeology: Made with 70 ultra high-quality ingredients (antioxidants, adaptogens, enzymes, vitamins, prebiotics, & protein), Shakeology is a meal conveniently located in one glass, to deliver nearly all the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy diet.

It's the REAL DEAL when it comes to meal replacement shakes. It beats any other "protein shake" out there, hands down! Shakeology is more than a meal replacement... it's a protein shake, super-food vitamin, and whole food source, all in one!

I have been drinking Shakeology for over 2 years and have NEVER missed a day. That should tell you that it is GREAT TASTING TOO!


  1. I have tons of energy and endurance for my workouts and for my kids

  2. I've lost 5-7 lbs of toxins!

  3. My cravings for chocolate/desserts/breads are eliminated

  4. I feel better than I have in 10 yrs - better mood, cleaner, happier, lighter, more energized!

  5. My migraines are gone!

  6. I'm regular EVERY DAY!

  7. It lets me start every day w/a super healthy meal - I could never replicate a meal with all of the great ingredients that are in Shakeology

  8. It's gluten/caffeine free/stimulant free/ & the tropical flavor is dairy free

  9. I sleep GREAT!

  10. No colds/congestion/viruses or ANY illness since I started 20 months ago!


"Shakeology is my Best Friend! Don't know what I would do without it. It has helped me reverse my diabetes, lower my cholesterol and get rid of my sugar cravings. Just a few of the great things it has done for me. SHAKEOLOGY IS THE BEST!" - M.P.
"I've lost 10 lbs in two weeks (3 of those days I was on the Shakeology cleanse), I feel a lot lighter...It is amazing how much the shakes curb my cravings."- E.W.
"So I finished my Shakeology cleanse. Lost 2 more lbs for a total of 7 in three days. I "accidentally" ate Mexican food for lunch and still lost 2 lbs! This stuff is amazing-even when my will power isn't! :)"- C.F